Dr. Randy Kreidel


Meet Dr. Randy Kreidel! He attended a few different schools, majoring in Biology, and finally finished at U.T.S.A. before he went to Dental School in San Francisco. He is a confident and competent dentist with 30 years of experience. When asked what makes him different from other doctors in his practice, he jokingly answered, “I am much better looking.” Dr. Kreidel will give his patients a good laugh.

When he is not practicing dentistry, Dr. Kreidel enjoys spending time with his family and fishing. He spends most of his free time with his wife of 45 years, closely followed by his beautiful grandkids. When asked who he would spend a day with if he could choose any person in the world, dead or alive, he answered, “Abraham Lincoln.”

If he had not chosen to become a dentist, Dr. Kreidel would have either liked to become a fishing guide or a basketball coach. Dr. Kreidel loves being a dentist though, and he is excited to serve the wonderful people of his community.